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Quality First, Powerful Industrial Bluetooth, Ingchips won a new round of investment from well-known VCs

Quality First, Powerful Industrial Bluetooth, Ingchips won a new round of investment from well-known VCs

Recently, Ingchips Technology completed the round A financing of 100 million RMB involving OFC, CITIC, Goldport, LanJun, etc., which helped Ingchips R&D of low-power Bluetooth IP, SoC, and the application of Bluetooth in the industrial IoT. At present, Ingchips has completed three rounds of financing and successfully cooperated with the pace of product for MPW, mass production and market promotion.




ING9188 series Bluetooth 5.1SoC adopts 40nm eFlash technology, which shows excellent performance in power consumption, 2M throughput, multi master and multi slave hybrid mode connection, long-distance transmission, etc; The friendly SDK and graphical development tools enable customers to quickly promote product validation and mass production.

As the first BLE 5.1 mass production chip in China, this series of chips have been widely used in AoA/AoD indoor positioning, ultra-low power sensor applications, automotive, power grids, mesh networks, smart meters, smart buildings, smart cities, smart medicine, high-end consumption, etc.




 The core team of INGCHIPS has nearly 20 years of IC design experience in average, as well as numerous mass production experience at famous enterprises such as NXP, Marvell, RDA, STEricsson, Huawei, etc. The team used to be the key supplier of baseband chips of TD-SCDMA for CMCC.


INGCHIPS will continue to make efforts in the field of Bluetooth and other wireless SoC, and aspire to become the leading design house of IoT industry.

Series application of Ingchips BLE5.1 SoC in Power Grid Industry
The ING918X series SoC of Ingchips Technology have officially passed the mass production certification of 《the Bluetooth communication specification of the State Grid Intelligent IoT Power Meter》 organized by the Chinese Academy of Electrical Sciences. At the same time, this is the first Chinese BLE SoC to obtain this certification.
INGCHIPS delivered automotive BLE5.1 SoC
ING91870CQ is a low power consumption SoC delivered by Ingchips Technology. After nine months of reliability testing, the chip finally obtained AEC-Q100 test certification.

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