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INGCHIPS delivered automotive BLE5.1 SoC

INGCHIPS delivered automotive BLE5.1 SoC

ING91870CQ is a low power consumption SoC delivered by Ingchips Technology. After nine months of reliability testing, the chip finally obtained AEC-Q100 test certification.


ING91870CQ is a 32 pin, QFN32 4x4 BLE5.1 SoC with TSMC 40nm process, 48M main frequency, built-in 512KB eFlash, 128KB RAM, -40~125C working temperature. It supports indoor positioning, multipule connection, low power consumption and other BLE5.1 full specification features, meeting various existing vehicle machine BLE application scenarios, such as TPMS, ETC, BMS, Key,etc.



Certification Report


AEC-Q100 is a requirement for Active Device components. Because the automobile involves safety requirement, there are strict reliability standards for components, subsystems, complete devices, etc. for example:


1. Environmental requirements: For the temperature requirements of automobiles, the executive standard of - 40~150C is required for the components around the engine; Others, such as humidity, mildew, dust, water, EMC and harmful gas erosion, all have higher standards than most other industrial or consumer electronic products.


2. Vibration and shock: The automobile is a product with various working conditions and works in motion, so the resistance to vibration and shock also has a high standard.


3. Reliability: The life cycle of an automobile is usually several hundred thousand kilometers. For any component of an automobile, it needs to keep normal operation during the life cycle of the automobile. And because there are many thousands of components, it is a very challenging work for the system to keep normal. It is usually a failure requirement of PPM, or even a zero failure requirement.


4. Consistency: Due to the need of mass production, tens of millions of vehicles are required to have consistent characteristics. If the consistency of components is poor, the discrete characteristics of the whole vehicle will be more obvious. Therefore, it must also be selected by aging and tracking the consistency of products in actual scenarios.


5. Other problems: For example, due to reliability considerations, vehicle standard products may not be the most advanced IC technology; At the same time, the car standard chip will also consider the viability of the supplier itself. After all, the life cycle of a car is very long.

The AEC-Q100 standard system promoted in North America is usually used as a standard for reliability proving of chips, as mentioned above. Not only AEC-Q100, but also the chip vendor's quality control system, such as IATF-16949, must be established to control the failure rate; For functional safety, ISO-26262 is also a certification that must be passed. Therefore, the requirements for car qualified chips are higher than those for consumer and industrial chips. The certification is time consuming, and the spec for getting on the car is higher than that for consumer chips.


It must be recognized that various vehicle regulation level certification is a necessary condition, not a sufficient condition, for automotive chips. The use of automotive chips requires a large number of reliability experiments, as well as a gradual progress for chip manufacturers.


AEC-Q100 certification process

Series application of Ingchips BLE5.1 SoC in Power Grid Industry
The ING918X series SoC of Ingchips Technology have officially passed the mass production certification of 《the Bluetooth communication specification of the State Grid Intelligent IoT Power Meter》 organized by the Chinese Academy of Electrical Sciences. At the same time, this is the first Chinese BLE SoC to obtain this certification.
INGCHIPS delivered automotive BLE5.1 SoC
ING91870CQ is a low power consumption SoC delivered by Ingchips Technology. After nine months of reliability testing, the chip finally obtained AEC-Q100 test certification.

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