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INGCHIPS inside-Feiyu Vimble 3 on market

INGCHIPS inside-Feiyu Vimble 3 on market

Feiyu Vimble 3 officially launched at 10:00 a.m. on March 23, 2022. And Ingchips BLE SoC was applied in this product.



Feiyu is a product company, top3 in the mobile phone stabilizer industry. At that time, Feiyu began to focus on the foreign market, especially the high-end market.


The goal of the mobile phone stabilizer is to shoot mobile phone blockbusters at any moment, such as walking, running, outdoor with extremely low temperature, etc. The three-axis stability enhancement technology with the extension bar can easily capture the images of different angles of view, and AI tracking module mounted on top of the phone holder without supporting by App.


The BLE SoC installed in the stabilizer needs to maintain the wireless connection with the mobile phone in real time. No matter how novel the playing method, how complex the environment, and what type of mobile phone, the key is to maintain the stability of the mobile phone shooting.

Because of the product requirements of the mobile phone stabilizer, BLE SoC, as one of the many components, plays a key role of this product. Ingchips high-performance BLE SoC ING918xx attracted Feiyu's attention because of its high stability, high compatibility, and adaptability to sensitive and complex environments.

ING918xx chip is different from the low-cost strategy chips from other domestic vendors. It adopts a product design idea similar to Nordic, with high performance and stability as the focus. The advanced 40nm process, full BLE5.1 feature protocol stack, - 40 ℃~125 ℃ temperature range, extreme low power cost, friendly development environment are the key features that attracted Feiyu, which is very conducive to the quick mass production of Feiyu products.


ING918xx series BLE SoC, with its leading chip design technology, provide high stability, high compatibility and development convenience to the customers.

● TSMC40nm uLP eFlash process;

● RTC sleep with 1uA power consumption,30uA power consumption with 500ms connection interval;

● ambient temperature -40℃~125℃;

● High compatibility and Stability: full 5.1 features with LINK-PHY 180 ICS test cases

● High throughput: 1.25Mbps GATT data rate,uplink 100+KB data rate with Android phone,and 40KB with IOS;

● Multiple Connection: support 24 connections;

● Long Range:370m adv with Coded S8 mode;

● Hybrid mode:multiple central and multiple peripheral connection configuration;

● Easy development:Graphical project Wizard, ADV editor, dozens examples, etc.


Series application of Ingchips BLE5.1 SoC in Power Grid Industry
The ING918X series SoC of Ingchips Technology have officially passed the mass production certification of 《the Bluetooth communication specification of the State Grid Intelligent IoT Power Meter》 organized by the Chinese Academy of Electrical Sciences. At the same time, this is the first Chinese BLE SoC to obtain this certification.
INGCHIPS delivered automotive BLE5.1 SoC
ING91870CQ is a low power consumption SoC delivered by Ingchips Technology. After nine months of reliability testing, the chip finally obtained AEC-Q100 test certification.

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