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BQB Certification:The first Link-PHY-RF subsystem supporting BLE5.1 AoA/AoD of CTTL Lab

BQB Certification:The first Link-PHY-RF subsystem supporting BLE5.1 AoA/AoD of CTTL Lab

INGCHIPS Technology completed the first certification of BLE5.1 Link+PHY+RF subsystem BQB supporting AoA/AoD in CTTL Laboratory.




1  Same Certification, Different Contents


Although all chips will pass the BQB certification, the certification project is selected according to the actual features of the vendor. The LINK subsystem certification project of Ingchips Technology has obvious advantages over its peers. The data shows that the ING918X and ING916X series products are quite powerful.


The ICS (Implementation Conformance Statement) document in the Bluetooth authentication system is a detailed standardized description of the capabilities of Bluetooth products. This document can be used as an objective standard for chip product comparison.


Taking the total number of capabilities declared in the ICS document as the score, we compare the ING918X with several typical Controller subsystems, as shown in the figure below. In the figure, we have hidden the company names of two domestic vendors.



Data source description:

1. ICS documents are from the official website of Bluetooth SIG;

2. The total number of capabilities under LL, RFPHY and HCI is calculated.

The reference procedure is as follows: 




2  Same certification,Different Capabilities

The SDK 5.0 released by Ingchips Technology supports up to 24 connections. Each connection can be used as a central role (formerly known as Master) or a peripheral role (formerly known as Slave). We compared the maximum number of connections that can be supported with the products of other vendors, as shown in the figure below.


Data source: official website and official forum.


It should be noted that the 24 connection is fully practical, not a demonstration for the purpose of pursuing the total number:

1. The Accept list (formerly known as the white list) supports 24 device addresses, enabling automatic connection;

2. When all 24 connections are established, the device application has up to 35kB of free memory space.

3  Win trust with professionalism

Ingchips Technology adheres to the value of professionalism, openness, cooperation and win-win with partners, suppliers, customers and other aspects of sincere cooperation.


In the process of cooperation with CTTL Laboratory, we also won trust. On October 15, 2020, the CTTL Terminal Laboratory of CATR held a special activity of "CTTL Forum 2020-5G+AIoT, Boosts the Digital Development of Human Lives" at China National Convention Center, and issued "IoT Intelligent Evaluation Certificate" to Ingchips Technology.(link:IoT Intelligent Evaluation Certificate)





When the 5G era, Ingchips Technology hopes to cooperate with peers in various industries for the construction of the IoT in China, such as the Internet of Everything, smart cities, smart buildings, smart travel, and smart medicine, etc.

Series application of Ingchips BLE5.1 SoC in Power Grid Industry
The ING918X series SoC of Ingchips Technology have officially passed the mass production certification of 《the Bluetooth communication specification of the State Grid Intelligent IoT Power Meter》 organized by the Chinese Academy of Electrical Sciences. At the same time, this is the first Chinese BLE SoC to obtain this certification.
INGCHIPS delivered automotive BLE5.1 SoC
ING91870CQ is a low power consumption SoC delivered by Ingchips Technology. After nine months of reliability testing, the chip finally obtained AEC-Q100 test certification.

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