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INGCHIPS announced smarter/Cooler/Smaller BLE5.1 SoC

INGCHIPS announced smarter/Cooler/Smaller BLE5.1 SoC

INGCHIPS recently released series low-power Bluetooth 5.1 SoC, ING918xx. The ING918xx series of chips, based on the concept of smarter, low power and smaller, have been focusing on providing users with more cost-effective products from the beginning.

This series of products have better performance in terms of BLE5.1 features, RF characteristics, low power consumption and overall chip specifications against the international top products, with distinctive features and highlights.


1、New Spec, New process

The ING918xx is embedded a completely self-developed Bluetooth 4.0/4.2/5.0/5.1 protocol stack IP. Support full features of the new Bluetooth 5.0, including 2Mbps rate, 4 times transmission distance, 8 times broadcast packet expansion, auxiliary channel broadcast expansion, new frequency hopping algorithm, etc. At the same time, this series of SoC support 5.1 features, including main channel random broadcast, AoA positioning, etc. In addition, this series of chips are fully downward compatible with 4.2 and 4.0.


The ING918xx adopts a 40nm process, which has strong advantages in supporting higher chip integration and lower power consumption.


2、Lower Power Consumption

The ING918xx has a fully autonomous DPVFS low-power engine IP and low-power architecture. It has up to 8 power domains and more than 16 power saving combination modes. Full automatic power saving mode, or software configured customized power saving mode could be selected.


ING918xx is very impressive in terms of power consumption. Sleep with RTC; 500ms sleep average power consumption and other parameters are better than existing products; The measured RF peak current under 0dBm transmitting power is 6.5mA, the receiving current is 6.0mA without DCDC, and the sensitivity reaches -102dB@125kbps.


3、Smaller Footprint and Software

The ING918xx has a smaller footprint with 4mmx4mmQFN32 package. The number of peripheral components is very small.


INGCHIPS provides a graphic interface SDK, which allows users to easily complete the design without much concern for the Bluetooth protocol. At the same time, the SDK is embedded with OTA source code, which users can choose according to their needs; The MESH protocol stack is embedded as well.


The DK supports mainstream IDE development environments such as Keil, IAR, Segger, Rowley Crossworks, embedded OS, different profile application examples, operation instructions, and built-in download tools,etc.


4、More powerful Arch

The ING918xx has a 48MHz main clock, equivalent to the M3 processor; The built-in configurable Cache and 512KB Flash, 64KB program memory and 64KB user memory; Built in PMU (DCDC/LDO); Built in high-performance RF; Built in 10 bit up to 7 channels ADC; Built in AES-CCM encryption engine, TRNG generator, and various peripherals I2C, Uart, SPI, PWM, etc. 


Solutions based on ING918xx

INGCHIPS provides customers with software and hardware solutions for a variety of application scenarios to help customers achieve quick mass production of related products. In the future, more solutions will be launched.


1) Mesh light


In combination with the Bluetooth 5 features of ING918xx, INGCHIPS has developed a set of SIG mesh. This scheme supports the setting of Relay, Friend and LP nodes and the proxy function.


2) Ultra low power wearables


With the low power consumption characteristics of ING918xx, INGCHIPS has developed a reference design for wearables. This solution has power consumption advantages compared with the existing products on the market.


3) Electronic price tag


The design is very simple and reliable. One ING918xx can meet all the requirements of electronic price tags. The font chip can be selected according to users. This product can be used in electronic price tag, subway handle, table card and other application scenarios.


4) Module


The module supports configurable GPIO, which can be configured for different functions such as I2C, Uart, SPI, PWM, and GPIO according to user requirements.

Series application of Ingchips BLE5.1 SoC in Power Grid Industry
The ING918X series SoC of Ingchips Technology have officially passed the mass production certification of 《the Bluetooth communication specification of the State Grid Intelligent IoT Power Meter》 organized by the Chinese Academy of Electrical Sciences. At the same time, this is the first Chinese BLE SoC to obtain this certification.
INGCHIPS delivered automotive BLE5.1 SoC
ING91870CQ is a low power consumption SoC delivered by Ingchips Technology. After nine months of reliability testing, the chip finally obtained AEC-Q100 test certification.

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