ING918xx (available in Q2/2020) is a fully integrated Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Communication IP targeting Bluetooth 5 specification. It integrates Application and BLE protocol Stacks, Hardware accelerators, Peripherals and Interface aim to various sensors. 
ING918xx hardware and software can be tailored for different user application scenario, e.g. 
For extremely low power operation to be used in sensor monitoring networks and remote 
control for wireless networks. 
The Transmitter output power ranges from -20dBm to +6dBm, while receiver sensitivity is --
102dBm under BLE5.0 mode. The frequency range allows operation in 2.4GHz Industrial, 
Scientific, Medical (ISM) band.

Key Feature


Fully compliant with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 specification 

——Support data rate 125Kb/s, 500Kb/s, 1Mb/s and 2Mb/s 
——Support long range 
——Support advertising extension 

——Support CSA#1 and CSA#2 

Support Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 features 

——Randomized primary advertising channels 

——AoA positioning 

Support 128-AES/CCM Encryption/Decryption

RF features: 

——2.400-2.484 GHz, with GFSK 
——Sensitivity with -102dBm@125Kbps 
——Output power -21dBm to 6.5dBm 

——Analog RSSI 

Integrated power management 

——Qualified POR , BOR,DCDC,LDO

——External voltage supply 1.62-3.63V

Typical Low Power modes: 
——Average Idd during receving:5mA 
——Average Idd during transmitting(0dBm):6.5mA 
——Low power mode1(500ms wake up): 30uA 
——Low power mode3(deep sleep): 3uA 

——Low power mode5(external wake up interrup with RTC):1uA 

Support different clocks for different operation modes: 
——External 48M crystal 
——External 32.768KHz clock for counting when in reset duration and wake-up counting when in sleep mode 

Operation temperature range -40°~125°(junction temperature) 

Embedded 48M 32bit ARM M3 comparable processor with 16KB cache and 2-wires SWD debug 

Up to 7 10-bit ADC 

On-chip boot loader Support OTA 


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